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Tropical Snail Club is a community driven collection of 100.000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our NFT is used to build hotels, music events, tour packages, souvenirs, etc. Our goal is to create the largest fun community in the offline world. We chose a beautiful island with a tropical climate as a gathering place for this community, namely the island of Bali. Our project is a derivative of the Bali East Paradise Hotel project based on Bali. Snails are animals that live a lot in the tropics, so it fits perfectly with the vision of our project.


Our mission is to form a forum for this community to gather, firstly to support the realization of a hotel that will be made by Bali East Paradise, Tropical Snail CLub holders will get a lifetime discount for staying at the hotel, whenever you come. Then the next step is to create a music event that can be followed for free by Tropical Snail CLub holders. In addition, TSC holders will also get tour packages on the island of Bali with special prices, discounted souvenirs, etc. Buy TSC immediately and get the privilege.


Hotel Discount

Tropical Snail Club holders will get discounted stays while holding our NFT. we will also work with nearby hotels to increase capacity. Bali East Paradise will be built on adopting Balinese culture, such as the example of Hotels in Bali:

Tour Packages

TSC holders will get special tour package prices while holding our NFT. Some beautiful places in Bali:

Music Club

Free tickets to have fun with various music events such as those held by


Make Tropical Snail Club souvenirs, where club members will get special price on their purchases.


there are many quizzes with big prizes, in the form of ethereum or souvenirs


Whitelist . Massive promotion in various media

public sale. Massive promotion in various media .

Massive promotion in various media . There are many quizzes with big prizes . Support Tropical Snail Club promotion with shilling contest

Build Bali East Paradise hotel . Make music events, tour packages and souvenirs. make other annual activity plans





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